Sun.    21/12/2014
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Shruk: 08:37
Dhuhr: 12:34
Asr: 02:15
Magreb: 04:32
Isha': 06:02
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Respecting People's Identities
There is just no way around it. If you want people to respect...
The Power of Believe
How you feel about yourself, positive or negative, is entirely...
More than Days: The History of Islamic Months
The names of the Islamic months are rooted in certain events that took place in them. Ramadan is named...
12 Tips for Muslim Youth
Why should you, a young Muslim, be helping to bring your friends closer to Allah?    After...
'Aa'ishah: The Mother of the Believers
`The Mother of the Believers` a title of respect that was given to all the wives of Prophet Muhammad,...
Canada’s First Mosque: A Model to be Followed
Visitors to the history park in Edmonton, Canada, often pause in front of a small red brick building...
God’s Name Al-Hakeem (The All Wise)
In the Quran, Allah says: “And whosoever is granted wisdom is indeed granted abundant good.”...
Is Prophet Mohammad Superior to Other Prophets?
Is Prophet Mohammad superior to all other prophets or is it just a prejudice?   This is a question...
The Miracle of Honey
(And your Lord revealed to the bee saying: Make hives in the mountains and in the trees and in what they...
The Cunning of Satan Is Weak
[Those who believe fight in the Way of God. Those who disbelieve fight in the way of false gods. So fight...
Solution: The Morals Of the Qur'an
There are people who are persecuted and tortured to death: innocent babies, people who cannot even afford...
How to Remove Depression and Worries
Mankind comes across many afflictions and trials, sometimes in overwhelming sequences.  Removing...
How to Overcome Porn Addiction
It is to be noted that logging in and browsing pornographic sites is forbidden because a Muslim is always...
My Bittersweet Hijab
“You don’t need this.” These are the words that will probably always represent my first...

Highlighted Community Events: 

  Being ME - Muslimah Empowered 2014
1st Annual Women's Only Conference. The Largest Conference Empowering Muslim Women Worldwide   Calgary...
  The Youth Empowering Week (YEW)
The Youth Empowering Week is designed for our Muslim Youth in Calgary during the Christmas Break. so...
  MSA Snowboarding 2014
Check out our upcoming snowboarding event at Canada Olympic Park on December 23! Invite your friends....
  RIS Convention
With scholars, speakers and artists coming from all over the world, we’d like you to join us at...
  Our Prophet SAW Workshop
We will give them around 45 minutes class about his childhood SAW. And we might be able to discuss...
  Ruqyah Workshop
The Reality of Jinn, Evil, Eye, Sihr, Black Magic. A quick Tafsir of Surah Jinn. Workshop presented by...
  Home Sweet Home
The family is the foundation upon which a successful community and society are built so what better...
  Hunger is Not a Game
Many of us wake up every morning fully assured that we will have meals on our plates. However, this luxury...


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