Sun.    01/02/2015
Fajr: 06:41
Shruk: 08:11
Dhuhr: 12:50
Asr: 03:04
Magreb: 05:29
Isha': 06:59
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Dealing with Hate Crimes/Harassment/Threats and Anti-Muslim Prejudice
In response to increasing concerns about Hate Crimes, Threats, Harassment and anti-Muslim prejudice,...
Muslim Community Leaders Welcome Input
The Muslim Association of Calgary and the Muslim Community Foundation of Calgary, under the oversight...
8 Things You Should Understand About Converts
1. A lot of things are running through our heads right now.   “And We will surely test you...
Be Devoted Slave of Allah
If you want to have a high position in all kinds of good deeds, to be a devoted slave of Allah and to...
An Experiene to Inspire Your Whole Life
After finishing the rituals of Hajj, with all of its spirituality, devotion, sincerity, sacrifice and...
Prophet Muhammad: A Model of Change
It is agreed upon, even by non-Muslims, that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be on him) is the...
Why Friday is the Best Day of the Week
Friday is a very important day for Muslims. It is more significant and more beneficial than any other...
Challenges of Old Age
On Friday, as I placed the Qur`anic recitation CD of Surat Al-Kahf on the CD player for my bedbound mother-in-law,...
Sweetness of Faith
A Question Imagine you were a criminal, and for the many crimes you committed, a great king told you...
Why Was Surat al-Fatiha Sent Twice?
Now, the answer to our riddle. Why was Al-Fatiha sent twice? If we go to the makkan surah, and the...
Anti-Israel Tweets Cost CNN Anchor His Post
WASHINGTON – Veteran TV anchor Jim Clancy has left his post at the CNN after a series of tweets...
The Star: Charlie Hebdo Just Meeting Demand for Islamophobia
Charlie Hebdo has long operated on the fringes and is now only popular for doing what seems to be in...

Highlighted Community Events: 

  Power of Intentions
Weekly Halaqa: Power of Intentions Between 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm (Maghrib and Isha) Prayer Timings:...
  NMC - Beginner Snowshoeing Trip
Join the NMC for our first beginner snowshoeing trip of 2015! This is a great chance to get outdoors...
  Islamic Sexuality
Muslim youth on campus are in need of healthy and religiously sensitive sexual health information, that...
  Hunger is Not a Game
The Orphan Sponsorship Program cordially invites you and all your family and friends to our 5th Annual...
  Future Leaders & Scholars
Do you want to: - Stun others with your improved Communication - Advocate for and help your friends -...
  The Remembrance of Allah
All sisters are invited to join us for an ilminar which will cover various topics regarding the Remembrance...
  Deception: A Study of Shaytaun
Join us and Shaykh Saad Tasleem at Deception where we will cover the origins of animosity between shaytaun...
  Umrah in Calgary
"The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him,  said:  'Whoever prays the morning prayer...


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